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Travel Safety Consultancy Service

Our Travel Safety Consultancy Service helps groups and individuals planning independent travel to reduce risk and plan effectively for their proposed trip.

This service is designed for groups or individuals who need more detailed information for the planning stages of their proposed travel.

We can organise and / or provide professional advice on any or all aspects of travel planning including:


  • Destination Advice – Suitability, Up-to-date Information and Risk Assessment
  • Personal Safety – Crime, Terrorism and Women Travellers
  • Documentation – Insurance, Visas and Money
  • Travel Equipment
  • Travel Safety – Transportation, Accommodation, Fire Safety,
  • Travel Health – Vaccination and Prophylactic Drugs
  • Cultural Awareness – Culture Shock
  • Ethical & Responsible Travel


This service can take the form of a consultancy advice or we can develop specifically tailored training programmes.

Through a ‘training needs analysis’ process we identify the required learning outcomes and offer one-to-one or group sessions to address them.

This is particularly useful for groups or individuals who may already have some of the knowledge taught on our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop but where there may be gaps in the information and skills they require to travel safely to a new unfamiliar parts of the world.

For more details of our consultancy service please call us on 0845 602 55 95 or Contact Us.