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One to One Travel Safety Consultancy

Our independent travel safety consultants deliver detailed travel safety advice for people of all ages, travelling to any part of the world for pleasure, educational purposes or business.


We deliver our independent travel safety course / gap year safety courses to groups throughout the UK, but we are acutely aware that there are many people planning travel who want to benefit from our expert advice, who are not part of a group or an organisation.


To meet this demand, we offer our one to one travel consultancy service, where individuals, couples or smaller groups can benefit from our expert training and learn how to make the most of their travel experiences more safely.


A one to one consultation may sound like a very expensive option, however as you’ll see from our fee structure below, this is not the case.


Because one to one travel safety consultations are designed to be much more specific in meeting the individual traveller’s requirements, they also require less time to be delivered, while still being as effective as the one day course.


One to one travel safety consultations are run at the convenience of our clients; including weekends where required.



How to Book a One to One Gap Year / Independent Travel Safety Consultation


Call us on 01784 434 392 / 0845 602 55 95 (low call rate from land-line) to book over the telephone. Talk to a member of our professional team of travel safety experts who will answer your questions promptly and honestly.



Gap Year / Independent Travel Safety Consultancy Fees


Consultancy Fees - £125.00 + vat per person (£150 incl. vat).


Minimum Numbers - 2 persons per consultation.


Individuals – We can provide this service for individuals, please Contact Us for further details and consultation fees.


Travel Costs – We are based in Surrey, but work across the UK and internationally. Where the delivery of services requires travel or overnight accommodation, any additional costs will be agreed in advance.


One to one travel safety consultancy fees are inclusive of all course materials, handouts & tuition. 


What is a One to One Gap Year / Independent Travel Safety Consultation?

The independent travel safety consultation helps individuals and small groups prepare effectively to travel more safely. It provides them with the knowledge to make informed judgements both prior to and during their travels.

Our travel safety training has been developed to be effective for travellers of any age planning a gap year, independent travel, career break travel, travel for educational purposes, business travel or planning for travel following retirement; no matter which part of the world they plan to visit.

We deal with the realistic challenges which may be encountered during travel; problems which can cut short or ruin a trip, lead to significant additional cost, create legal difficulties or result in health issues. 

We examine the practicalities of travel, as well as general travel safety issues. Our aim is to provide participants with comprehensive strategies to prepare effectively for their planned travel and to carry through these plans to ensure that they make the most of all the new experiences they encounter.

A one to one travel safety consultation is suitable for first time travellers, those travelling to an unfamiliar destination or people who have not travelled for a period of time and are planning venture back out into an ever changing world.

Our travel safety consultation delivers the knowledge and confidence to people dreaming of independent travel but who may be concerned about all the horror stories they have heard, lack confidence or who do not know how and where to start planning.


What does the independent travel / gap year safety consultation cover?

Destination advice Travel documentation & money Travel equipment Safe travel Cultural awareness Travel health Ethical & responsible travel Recognising, avoiding and dealing with crime   


What is the outcome of the gap year / independent travel safety consultancy?

On completion participants will be able to return to their travel planning with a sense of purpose and with the knowledge to allow them to travel with greater confidence; a confidence which when projected by a traveller, is one of the essentials ingredients in lowering their profile and thus risk reduction.

An understanding of cultural awareness helps learners reduce culture shock by providing an insight into what to expect on arrival in a new country. Understanding how to behave in order to show and gain the respect of local people, also provides a level of protection which helps make the most of new experiences encountered. 

The one to one travel safety consultation also gives peace of mind to friends and family members left behind when travel to remote parts of the world is undertaken. Our advice includes communication strategies with friends / colleagues / family members in the UK, to ensure that these lines of communication are maintained. Reducing the stress on people left behind when travel to unfamiliar parts of the world is undertaken, benefits the traveller as well as those left behind in the UK; the impact of this stress should not be underestimated.


Why choose Safe Gap Year as your training provider?

Safe Gap Year is a partner of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Know Before You Go Campaign. We work closely with the FCO on a number of projects to raise awareness of core travels safety messages, these include; delivering travel safety seminars at Foreign & Commonwealth Office at King Charles Street in London and sharing stands at travel shows to create public awareness on travel safety strategies.

We also work with a number of schools, universities and private companies and organisations delivering travel safety information to their members.

Our advice is also sought by media organisations, who we regularly contribute content for.

We only employ experienced travel safety professionals to deliver our courses and provide client services. Their objective is to provide clients with the skills and knowledge to plan and execute their travel more effectively.


For more reasons why you should choose Safe Gap Year as your training provider for essential travel safety advice please visit: 




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