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Personal Safety

Your personal safety when travelling is dependent on a vast number of factors and will vary from country to country.

The issues which affect personal safety can often be a mixture of the many of the subjects covered in this section of our website.

One aspect of personal safety which is not on every traveller’s check-list is the issue of dealing with conflict and aggression. In the UK conflict resolution training has been made mandatory by bodies such as the Security Industry Authority and the NHS to help people working in these sectors, to be proactive in reducing conflict.

We provide professional training to these bodies and have adapted these skills for independent travellers as part of our workshop.

Understanding the importance of ‘blending-in’ to your environment alongside the use of conflict resolution skills can significantly reduce your exposure to criminality, aggression and violence.


An example:

Would you walk down a street in the UK with £5000 in cash in our hand?

Probably not, but consider this scenario; if your mobile phone costs £150 and you walk down the beach in Thailand calling home at a cost of £2 a minute, how does this look to a local resident who may earn as little as £15 a month, lives in poverty and has no access to education or health care?

In comparative value, your mobile phone may look very much like that £5000 would in UK; not to mention that your call charge may be the equivalent of 4 days salary for every minute you spend calling home…

Add to this scenario; you are in a remote conservative area of the country, walking on the beach in your ‘bathing suit’ showing your shoulders, midriff and legs. This would be considered disrespectful.

The view of a local might well be; a young European comes and flaunts themselves showing no respect for herself / himself, local traditions or local religion. He / she is screaming out that money is no object and that there is plenty to go around. So if the money goes missing, more will be sent from some far away rich western country to replace it.

This scenario leaves little doubt that there is a temptation / opportunity for a theft or worse to occur?


Having a basic understanding of local customs, cultures and religions goes a long way in showing respect for local people. In most places in the world, if you show respect and understanding then respect, friendship and often a generous welcome will be offered to you in return.

A little research and some cultural awareness training can go a long way in increasing your personal safety.