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Terrorist Threat

The risk of terrorism exists in much of the world and is inescapable; travelling on the transport network in any European city puts you at some risk.

Dealing with the threat from terrorism it is all about one thing; risk reduction.

Although there is some level of threat from terrorism in much of the world, there are clearly areas where the risk is far greater than in others and up-to-date information is a vital tool in allowing you to make informed judgements.

It is also important to understand the nature of terrorism in different parts of the world; there are some countries where ‘western targets’ are top of the terrorist ‘shopping list’ and others where they only have local and government targets in mind. Knowing what the objective of the terrorists is in the area you are visiting, will allow you to adjust your behaviour appropriately.

There are also different levels of terrorism in different regions. There are some areas where there is a risk, but where risk reduction measures can mitigate it to and an ‘acceptable level’. The level of ‘an acceptable risk’ is a personal decision each individual must make based on their independent research and previous experience.

There are regions where the level of risk is such that travel should simply not be considered. Someone as experienced as John Simpson who has travelled to many war zones, was able to pull off wearing a Burka to cross into Afghanistan; but this is not a trick we would recommend anyone else attempts…

Doing your own independent research is the key, a good place to start is websites such as:



Having local contacts helps considerably in this respect and talking to people who have been to the country recently will also assist you in making the right decision for you.

Unfortunately westerners are often targeted because the point of terrorism is to make as big an impact as possible and nothing makes more of an impact across the world than a ‘western’ target.

Lowering you profile will help reduce the chances of becoming a target; not announcing your nationality, avoiding areas frequented by large gatherings of westerners and steering clear of discussing politics unless you are very knowledgeable and skilled in local culture; ‘listen, don’t preach’ is a stance worth considering.