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Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop

How long is the workshop?


2 Days. Participants with relevant experience can choose either day separately please visit:



What is the Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness workshop?


The workshop helps individuals prepare effectively to travel more safely and provides them with the knowledge to make informed judgements both prior to and during their travels.


Our workshop has been developed to be effective for the mainstream ‘gapper’ / independent traveller and to deal with the realistic problems which they may encounter; problems which can cut short and ruin a trip, lead to significant costs, legal difficulties and health issues. 


The workshop is broken down into two sections each delivered over one day.


Day One (Personal Safety for Independent Travellers) – Examines the issues of dealing with aggression and violence, how to prevent these situations arising and the skills required to manage and resolve them when they do occur. We examine criminality which participants may encounter during travel, provide an awareness of measures which can be used to reduce the risk of crime and what to do if you become a victim of crime.


Participants also learn low-impact physical break-away and disengagement techniques which are effective without force or strength being required. They create time and space in order to allow for the use of conflict resolution skills to de-escalate situations, to call for help or to ‘escape’.


Day Two (Planning for Safe Travel) – Looks at the practicalities of travel as well as general travel safety issues. Our aim is to provide candidates with comprehensive strategies to prepare effectively for their planned travel and to carry through these plans to ensure that they make the most of all the new experiences they encounter.


For more details please see our Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop Overview page.


What does the workshop cover?

Day One (Personal Safety for Independent Travellers):

Conflict management & resolution • Effective communication • Risk & threat assessment • Human behaviour • Signs of escalation • Defusing high risk conflict • Recognising, avoiding and dealing with crime • Personal safety techniques •

Day Two (Planning for Safe Travel):

Destination advice • Travel documentation & money • Travel equipment • Safe travel • Cultural awareness • Travel health • Ethical & responsible travel • 

We have made a sample Independent Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness Workshop - Learning Programme available to download.


Who should attend this workshop? 

Our workshop is designed for anyone of any age planning to travel to any part of the world for any length of time. Travel is a great leveller, travelling introduces you to people from every background and every age; our workshop is the first place you will get this integrated experience.

The workshop is especially effective for anyone considering travel but who may be concerned about all the horror stories they have read or heard, lack confidence, or simply do not know how and where to start planning.

We can also develop specific workshops for groups travelling to a particular part of the world or for corporate clients taking part in volunteering projects as part of their human resources team development strategies.


Where and when are workshops run?


Please visit our Workshop Dates page for a complete list of scheduled workshops and locations or Contact Us for more details.


We run group workshops (minimum 6 candidates) for clients throughout the UK, either at the client’s own premises or we source a training facility.


‘In-house’ workshops are run at the convenience of our clients, including weekends where required.



How do I book?


Book On-line or call us on 0845 602 55 95 (low call rate) / 01784 434 392 to book over the phone.


For group bookings please complete our Booking Enquiry Form or Contact Us.



How much does it cost?


£185.00 incl. vat per candidate;


Fees are all inclusive of all course materials, two days tuition & certification. We provide tea, coffee and water during the course, candidates must provide their own meals.


What is the outcome of the workshop?

On completion participants will be able to return to their travel planning with a sense of direction and with the knowledge to allow them to travel with greater confidence; a confidence which when projected by a traveller, is one of the essentials in risk reduction.

The understanding participants gain of cultural awareness helps them reduce culture shock by providing an insight of what to expect on arrival in a new country. Understanding how to behave in order to show and gain the respect of local people, also provides a level of protection and helps make the most of new experiences.

On successfully completing the workshop, participants will receive an individually numbered certificate of attendance. This certificate incorporates Conflict Management and Resolution which is recognised by many employers and as such can be a valuable addition to your CV.


How is the workshop assessed?

There is no examination and candidates are awarded the certificate for successfully completing the workshop, providing they take a full and active part throughout all sessions and satisfy the instructor of their comprehension of the subject.


Why choose Safe Gap Year as your training provider?

We employ only specialist instructors to run our courses; they all have extensive experience in the relevant fields. They train with the objective of transferring knowledge and skills to help candidates travel more safely and to make the most of all the new experiences and opportunities they encounter.

The experience of our instructors brings the subject they are teaching to life. Our training is based on a variety of training methods and comprises classroom based learning, scenario based learning, group work and interactive discussion; this approach allows us to meet the preferred learning styles of all candidates.


Our success is measured in the success of those people we train, we are focussed on providing excellence in customer service.


‘Safe Gap Year’ is a ‘Beyond The Blue’ company. Beyond The Blue is a ‘BIIAB Grade 1’ Training Centre (The BIIAB describe Grade 1 as ‘demonstrating outstanding quality procedures’).


For more reasons why you should choose Safe Gap Year as your training provider please visit the Why Choose Us page and read what our clients say about us on our Testimonials page.



Additional information


Our personal safety workshops are based upon professional conflict management and resolution training which we deliver to many private and public sector bodies. Our conflict resolution training meets statutory requirements for such organisations as the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service and the BIIAB.


Vaccinations and visa applications can take time to organise; some vaccinations require an 8 week course to be effective. We recommend those wishing to make the most of our workshop complete it well before their intended departure date; although participants will still benefit significantly from the information at any time prior to travel.