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Become a Safe Gap Year Ambassador

With 250,000 individuals undertaking gap year or independent travel every year we feel it is important to get our message out to those people who are preparing for just such an adventure.

If you are currently at School, College or University and have the enthusiasm to drum up interest in our workshops at your locality, we will support and reward you for each person you enrol onto the workshop, who subsequently confirms.

Rewards are typically £15.00* per 'new' participant; so if you can interest 20 candidates for a workshop you could earn as much as £300.00*. Depending on the number of candidates you attract, we may also be able to offer you a free place for yourself.

We support you with marketing materials (posters, leaflets, booking forms etc.) and refund any pre-agreed expenses you may have in setting up a stand or similar promotional activity at your location.

If you are creative, motivated and passionate about independent travel, then you are exactly the kind of person we are interested talking to about becoming a Safe Gap Year Ambassador; please Contact Us


Safe Gap Year Ambassadors must be over 16 years old; applicants who are under 18 years old must notify us and we may require permission from the school, parent or guardian.

*Terms & Conditions apply. All promotions are subject to our Booking and Cancellation Terms & Conditions and Discount and Promotions Terms & Conditions, but they are designed to be straight forward, honest and open.